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The Healing Power Of Relationships


written by Oliver JR Cooper October 25, 2018
The Healing Power Of Relationships

Happiness, Suffering And Pain

Whether in our relationships with friends, acquaintances or our spouse, each has the potential for healing, and consequently, for growth to occur.

Opportunities are presented for one to integrate and process those parts that lay dormant; that are waiting to be realised. We are also given the chance to heal or let go of those parts that are negative or dysfunctional.

This also means that relationships have the power to not only create incredible happiness, but also an unbelievable amount of suffering and pain.


The reason relationships have the potential for both happiness and pain is because they are triggering and reminding us of our past; a past that likely had numerous traumatic encounters, needs that were ignored and neglected, and moments of rejection and abandonment.

This is something that is unavoidable; our caregivers were only human, after all. However, the degree to which these things happened, their intensity and how they were interpreted during one’s younger years, is what defines one’s present-day challenges.

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