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The Importance of Human Connection

written by Laura Saltman January 24, 2020
The Importance of Human Connection

News flash – We are put on this planet to connect with one another. That’s why things like social media were invented in the first place. From the spiritual realm, they were placed in our path (by humans) to allow us to engage with anyone and everyone in cities and countries we may never visit in our lifetime. It is a tool for healing our sense of separation and recognizing we are all connected as brothers and sisters.

You might not be ready to recognize our Oneness, but it is the truth of who we all are.

As someone who has written three books (and finishing a fourth) on spiritual laws and principles straight from Source, I know we are all tied to one another via an invisible force. Yet, as hard as we (“we” meaning our metaphysical side) try, we cannot seem to break through to the masses. Engaging in celebration and joy is how we bring peace to the planet. Instead, we destruct the indestructible by breaking that bond on a daily basis.

It’s my job as a spiritual teacher to enlighten those willing to listen to our truth.

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