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The Key to Fostering Empathy in Children

written by Dr. Erin Leonard January 4, 2019
The Key to Fostering Empathy in Children

Raising a child who is conscientious is the goal. A child who truly cares about the way his or her actions impact others is, generally, a child with a solid character. Usually, this type of child feels immediate and deep remorse after a mistake and works hard to make it right. A deep streak of empathy usually runs through this sort of child.

Yet, what about the kids who lack these capabilities? Helping them acquire the capacity for empathy is critical because it is key in maintaining close and healthy relationships. Yet, there are as many books about empathy as stars in the sky, so for the sake of time, parents need the secret. There is one essential way to help a child truly integrate empathy. It is for him or her to experience empathy from a parent. When a child experiences empathy, he or she gains the capacity to have empathy.

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