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The Missing Part in Your Life

Part One

written by Linda & Charlie Bloom August 9, 2019
Missing Part in Your Life

Stuart Brown is a man on a mission. He is convinced that there is something missing in the lives of most of us; the absence of which is responsible for many of the difficulties and issues that plague our culture, both personally and socially. It is the lack of this element in our lives that is the source of problems that range from depression (psychological and financial) to violent crime. It also includes mental illness, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and other serious health issues.

The missing ingredient in this equation isn’t money, time, education, or even love; not that most of us couldn’t use a bit more of each of those as well. It’s something that is natural and intrinsic to our being that, for most of us, has been lost over the years as other competing commitments came to override this natural tendency.

It’s possible for all of us to bring this element back into our lives.
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