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The Predicament of The Liberal Omnivore: Emotion

written by Bill Tara December 23, 2019
The Predicament of The Liberal Omnivore: Emotion

RD&T’s contributing writer, Bill Tara, shares key insight into how our emotions surrounding food choices can impact the environment.

It seems that most of us agree that we are in the middle of an environmental disaster. Movie stars, environmentalists, many politicians, UN bureaucrats and even a few business tycoons have all lined up to take the pledge. Public figures who have been curiously silent for years now solemnly declare, “Something must be done.” 

Resistance is not a form of personal catharsis. – Chris Hedges

The call for action has never been more publicised or stated with more urgency, yet there is a curious disconnect. There is a blurred space in the ongoing story of our stated cause of making peace with nature. It is a paragraph that has been redacted, much like an embarrassing revelation in a whistle-blower report. Every so often, the veil is lifted for a brief moment, only to be quickly fixed back in place with frustration.

The full story goes like this: Of all the actions that can be taken by individuals in their daily life to curtail and reverse environmental degradation, what we eat is paramount. Now I know many of you have heard this before, but stay with me. Don’t just say, “Yes I know,” and back away.

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