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The Reality of Parental Favoritism

written by Dr. Eva Bell October 17, 2018
Reality of Parental Favoritism

No parent will consciously own up to the fact that favoritism is operative within some families. One of the unwritten norms of society is the attachment of mothers to their sons and fathers to their daughters. But when parents go overboard with their preferences, there is bound to be discord within the home. Favored children are spoiled children.

Parents who indulge in favoritism do so at the risk of undermining the very foundation of the family.

“If the family fails, then all other institutions of society will fail.”  Dr. Kenneth Chafin, theologian

The biblical story of Rebekah, who forced her favorite son to deceive his blind father and steal his brother Esau’s blessing, is a good example of how favoritism by a parent can ruin family relationships. It stirs up enmity between siblings, and in this case, Jacob is exiled from his family for many years.

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