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The Right Tools to Reach Your Goals

You’ve Been Given The Wrong Tools & It's Stopping You from Reaching Your Goals

written by Noah St. John October 13, 2020
The Right Tools to Reach Your Goals

Noah St. John explains that you’ve been given the wrong tools, and it’s keeping you from reaching your goals. Find the right tools for your happiness and fulfillment.

The Wrong Tools

Imagine that you wanted to drive a nail into a wall. Do you think you could do it? Sure you could — if you had the right tool.

Now, let’s say — because I like you, I believe in you, and I really want you to succeed — I went out, and, with great expense and careful thought, bought you a brand new, shiny red…chainsaw.

And I tell you to go ahead and drive that nail into the wall.

“Okaaaaaaay,” you’re thinking to yourself. “He’s successful, so I guess he must know what he’s doing.” And you start hacking away with your chainsaw, trying to drive the nail into the wall.

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