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The Skinny on Seaweeds

For Love of the Sea... Vegetables, Part One

written by Marlene Watson-Tara November 2, 2018
The Skinny on Seaweeds

For Love of the Sea… Vegetables

Food that will become the catalyst for real change in your health and life.

We all know that seaweeds purify and maintain the ecological balance of the ocean. They can perform the same purification process on your body, too. Seaweed is said to possess an electrolytic magnetic action and so releases excess body fluids from the congested cells, dissipating fatty wastes through the skin pores. In addition, these plants also replace depleted minerals such as potassium and iodine, boosting thyroid activity and helping to maintain adrenal regulation and hormone balance.

Seaweed therapy is also recommended by its proponents for those affected by insomnia or sleep apnoea. By improving the quality of sleep, it automatically enhances your immunity levels and helps you feel relaxed and fresh. Adding seaweed to your diet can help minimize cellulite development on the skin by purifying it and giving your body a healthy, toned look.

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