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The Trouble of Falling in Love

written by Donna Goddard October 22, 2019
The Trouble of Falling in Love

Love Has A Mind of Its Own

Although highly enjoyable (at certain stages), falling in love is problematic. The first problem is who we can fall in love with. We can fall in love with anyone:

  • a gay person when we are not gay (or maybe we are gay but fall in love with the wrong gender),
  • a married person with whom we are not married (or we could be the married person falling in love with someone other than our partner),
  • an unsuitable person in terms of age, personality, lifestyle, or future goals
  • or, worst of all, a person who doesn’t love us in return.

However, even if we fall in love with a gender and sexual orientation-appropriate, availability-appropriate, age and life goals-appropriate person, falling in love is still highly problematic because of the inherent dynamic of the process itself.

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