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The Women of the New Millennium

Part Two

written by Dr. Eva Bell February 21, 2020
The Women of the New Millennium

This is Part Two of a two-part series from RD&T’s contributing writer, Dr. Eva Bell, with her take on Women of the New Millennium. 

Regarding Marriage

While there should be no psychological or social pressure on women who wish to remain single, those who are housewives need not feel inferior. Homemaking is in itself a career. Even in the home of militant Feminism, the USA, a poll conducted in 1990 showed that 51% of all women and 55% of married women with children preferred to stay at home. Naomi Wolfe, the “teenage beauty Ninja feminist,” once a vociferous champion of “Pro-choice” ideology, has mellowed after her experience of motherhood. She is no more willing to attest to their theory that “the unborn baby is merely foetal tissue.” She urges women to acknowledge that the “foetus is also valuable and has a fundamental right to live.”

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