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Three Unregulated Hormones that Affect Your Mood

written by Dr. Maya Sarkisyan March 21, 2019
Three Unregulated Hormones that Affect Your Mood

We don’t think about hormones when we are in our 20s, and most of us don’t even know what they are. Maybe we start thinking about them in our 30s when something goes wrong, like infertility or low libido, or when we notice changes in our parents’ lives and health. Anyway, when we are young, we don’t think about chemical processes in our body, and yet these processes are nothing short of a miracle – a miracle which we can regulate. Read along, and you will learn why you need to know your hormone levels, which can be determined from blood or saliva tests. (Hint: It has to do with knowing what to demand from your doctor.)

There is currently a bit of a conflict between popular opinions on health. The old, traditional medicine lets you believe you have very little control over your body, and when something is off, your best bet is a prescription medication, surgery, etc. This way of thinking is based on the belief that somebody else – like a doctor – will be in charge of your well-being.

The other, polar opposite, point of view lets you believe that you are completely in control of everything going on in your life. The power of mind and the way you eat will solve all your problems. It is an attractive viewpoint, and it’s here because a majority of people are tired of not being in control and not getting the results they want. We want to feel better, look younger, and have more energy. So the modern “gurus” are selling just that – you can do everything by yourself, and all the “wonder” supplements are sold online and preached about from a TV screen.

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