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Tolerating Bad Behavior in Men: The Scary Truth

written by Lisa Copeland August 9, 2019
Bad Behavior in Men

Lots of women ignore red flags and end up settling for men that don’t treat them right because they don’t want to start all over in the dating pool. But tolerating bad behavior is dangerous – read on for the scary truth behind it.

You finally meet a man you like.

He seems to have everything you’ve wanted, but red flags are showing up in the way he treats you. You hope it’s just a one-time thing due to a bad day. Or you hope that as he gets to know you, he’ll change.  (Important tip to remember: Men don’t change unless they want to change.)

So you keep going out with him, and . . . those red flags keep popping up.

I know beginning the dating journey again feels daunting, but when red flags show up over and over again – even if he is a  good guy – it means you’re tolerating behavior that isn’t okay.

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