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Transforming Your Life From The Inside Out

written by Laura Saltman May 11, 2020
Transforming Your Life From The Inside Out

Transforming your life is an inside job. Period. No exception.

You Make The Way

You are the key holder no matter who or what gave you that key. A therapist, a book, a newspaper article. It or they may be placed in your path, but it’s your work to do, your journey to take. This is something that most people have yet to understand, but it is the work of a human being. The soul’s job is to guide you into thoughts that create joy, but our ego comes along to trip us up at every turn.

If I listened to the voices in my head telling me I am too old, too fat, too useless in the world I would be… well exactly where I was, because I did. I let something outside of me define me – the voice of ego and everyone else. I took thoughts from my childhood, my college years, and all the many unflattering, unconscious thoughts of myself and let them derail me. Not all the time. Many times, I stomped that right out of me and moved beyond the chatter of, “you’re no good” – using people’s “no’s” and “you’ll never get there” as my fuel. It’s how I got on a national TV show in the first place. The ego waits for moments like this to “prove” it’s own worth, which is why many times you can create (unconsciously) precisely what you are wishing to create – a dream job, a movie role, etc.

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