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What does it mean to be Self-Full™?

Self-Less, Self-Full™, and Selfish Defined

written by Jessica Baum April 1, 2019
What does it mean to be Self-Full™?

Have you ever had experiences where you’ve felt pulled in so many different directions? Life continues to tear you down because you’re doing absolutely everything for absolutely everyone else, except yourself. For example, you’ve had an extraneously long week at work: Your boss has been out of town and you’ve collected more hours of work, which has left you stressed and exhausted.

It’s Friday afternoon and the only thing you’re thinking about is getting into your bathtub at home. Then, one friend calls you to ask if you can help them move a few boxes into a new apartment, and of course, without even thinking you say yes. After you’ve agreed to help them, you immediately feel resentment because you have asked this friend to help you with a task before, and they denied. Internally, you feel that if you help them with this move, maybe they will help you down the road.

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