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What is the Real Problem in Your Relationship?

Stop fuelling the battle of the sexes. It’s so last year...

written by Tal Araim June 3, 2020
What is the Real Problem in Your Relationship?

Tal Araim, writes about the blame game in relationships. He encourages people to stop fueling the battle of the sexes argument and consider what the real problem is in your relationship.

I really would like to start a page on my website called, “Do you know what grinds my gears?” Those of you that are fans of Seth will recognise those immortal words of one Peter Griffin.

I woke up this morning quite early; the others that insist on living with me (my wife and daughters) were still asleep, and experience told me that they will still be asleep for quite some time. A bit of solitude, what joy! I thought I’ll make a coffee, sit in silence by the window, and read today’s copy of the Times. I skimmed through the article headlines as I always do before deciding which to read and in what order. This process, and all the good feelings I had up to that point, were hijacked upon stumbling on this. In short, the article is saying that women are the bigger losers during lockdown because the increased level of domestic chores has fallen on the shoulders of women alone and that this is the reason why friction has increased among such couples. Why why why why why?

The Real Problem

Am I the only one who’s blood boils when presented with such dated rhetoric? Move on for the love of Hitch. Stop dealing with coupledom friction by supplying women with drivel such as the fact they are treated terribly because of a ubiquitous thread of sexism that exists in the cellular structure of all men. And stop telling men that all women are closet case feminist devil worshipers whose only mission in life is to ensure that men have no fun whatsoever. The truth lies elsewhere, and we all know it. The last thing we need is another distraction from the real issue. Haven’t we given couples more than enough weaponry to use as fuel to be added to the already flaming fire?

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