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What Makes a Good Parent? Disciplining Your Child

written by Laura Dabney, M.D. December 2, 2020
Good Parent Disciplining Your Child

Discipline is based on what your child is capable of or not capable of, and should change as your child grows up. A lot of parents choose to discipline their children in a certain way, without realizing it doesn’t make sense for a child that is a specific age.

How to Discipline Your Child Based on their Developmental Age

Before Middle School

In general, it’s best to use concrete things with children who are in the pre-reasoning stage because they can’t reason through problems yet. To ask questions and work with them through problems doesn’t make any sense yet.

Instead, try taking things away and taking away privileges. They may have a bit of a tantrum, that’s normal, you can distract them and move it along.

Do not drag the punishment out for days. This is like dragging your child’s nose into a mistake for days. You don’t have to drag a punishment on for it to be effective.

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