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When Empowerment Meets Healing

Your Life Is Actually Working for You

written by Robert Taibbi December 17, 2020
Empowerment Meets Healing

Over the years, I’ve worked with a broad range of couples, individuals, and families who were, understandably, struggling with a wide range of issues. But what I’m most aware of, regardless of their presenting concerns, is that there are generally two common underlying concerns driving whatever their problems may be: Empowerment and healing.


Empowerment is about power. You may have reached some bottom line — you’re fed up or angry — and you need to feel more in charge of you and your life. On the individual level it may be physical – literally wanting to feel stronger, more in your body – and so you focus on exercise. Or maybe it’s about emotional habits: Instead of being emotionally driven – I do what I do based on how I feel — you work on being more focused; you plan and become more proactive about how you run your day, or you work on control and experiment with letting go.

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