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When Fatigue is More than Just Feeling Tired

written by Dr. Maya Sarkisyan August 27, 2019
When Fatigue is More than Just Feeling Tired

Adrenal/Chronic fatigue is an ambiguous and widespread definition of chronic exhaustion. In medical terms, or if you talk to an MD, it means an Addison disease – a disease of the kidneys. Most people don’t have it, however, they have many other indicators that their adrenal glands are being exhausted from continuous cortisol production due to chronic emotional and physical stress. So, it is better to call it chronic fatigue and actually identify what is happening with you, individually, which puts you in the state of complete exhaustion, not just simply feeling tired.


There are many causes for you to feel this way. And you might have been experiencing fatigue for quite some time, which makes it “chronic.” The start points for different people are different. You might or might not remember when it started, or perhaps it started then you fought it off, and then it started again and nothing you did to alleviate it helped.

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