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When Others are Mirrors: Finding Insight

written by Cindy Strom August 13, 2019
When Others are Mirrors: Finding Insight

Several months ago, I began to notice that the most loving and insightful suggestions and considerations I was inspired to offer to others in their life situations could apply so perfectly to me, also. It gave me hope in a new way, that the answers I was looking for were already inside of me. I just needed others to be a mirror for this information to come to light. So, I began to search a little deeper as to why this seemed to consistently true.

My Biggest Mirror

I let this awareness percolate in me for many months, and it wasn’t until I was reaching for answers to help my senior cat with a condition that was manifesting for him physically that things really became clear. He is my biggest mirror, yet I tend to forget that. He seemed to be developing an involuntary leg spasm that I’d seen in another senior cat with cancer. I was upset by the thought and wondered more and more how to help him.

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