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When There’s a Sexual Imbalance in Your Marriage

My Husband is Not Sexual

written by Dr. Margaret Paul June 11, 2019
When There's a Sexual Imbalance in Your Marriage

We often hear of men complaining that their wives are not sexual. It might surprise you that I often hear this complaint from women as well. In a question to me on one of my webinars, Melanie wrote:

My husband is very loving but not very sexual. I’ve tried to talk to him about this many times in non-threatening ways, but his lack of enthusiasm toward sex makes it very difficult to engage myself when he finally does get around to feeling sexual. We have zero intimacy mentally and very little physically.

In my experience, there are a number of reasons why a man might not be sexual in his relationship.

  • He might have a very low testosterone level. This is something that can be tested, and there is medication to raise his testosterone level.
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