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When You Create, You Risk Being Judged

And That's Okay

written by G. Brian Benson May 31, 2019
When You Create, You Risk Being Judged

People who create – artists, writers, musicians – put their work and themselves out there, at the risk of being judged.

A Firsthand Experience

I recently learned something about myself. I learned that I was not as thick-skinned as I had previously thought. My recent book, Steve the Alien, received its first poor review on Amazon. It’s amazing how one bad review can really shake a person’s foundation.

Feeling judged

Up to that point, I had received only 5-star reviews. I was extremely proud and grateful for each and every one, but when I read the stinging review, my heart sank down to my boots. I’d worked my ass off writing and producing that book. I knew that my hard work had paid off. I was getting all kinds of positive and kind feedback. How could this be?

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