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When You Want to Have Faith

written by Cindy Strom November 12, 2019
When You Want to Have Faith

What do you do when you know you don’t have Faith, but you want to? I don’t mean religious faith necessarily, but faith in whatever you want to believe in. What do you do when you want something but haven’t developed the faith that you can have it, let alone will have it? It feels like a terrible split between your head and your heart. “I want this, but can’t even imagine having it.”

Well, is that entirely true? If I want something, I can at least imagine having it. I just can’t imagine how it could possibly come about. In my reasoning mind, it seems utterly and completely impossible, and if I stay on that side of the fence, the pain of that terrible split remains.

There is a line in a Leonard Cohen song that says: “Your Faith was strong but you needed proof…” and if the reasoning mind can’t find proof, then faith seems pretty elusive. There is a school of thought, however, that suggests these two concepts need not be mutually exclusive.

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