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Where Do Men’s Expectations Of Women Come From?

written by Oliver JR Cooper October 23, 2018
Where Do Men’s Expectations Of Women Come From?

When it comes to what a woman is going to be like, a man will have a set of expectations. Sometimes these expectations are conscious and other times, they can be completely unconscious.

However, whether these are conscious or unconscious expectations, they still have a massive impact on one’s relationship with the opposite sex. So, if one’s expectations are generally fulfilling and functional, it is unlikely that there will be many challenges that arise.

And yet, when these expectations are unfulfilling and dysfunctional, challenges are inevitable. On one side, these challenges could be mildly frustrating, and on the other, they could be extremely difficult.


When a man’s experiences with women reflect what they were expecting, they can come to see that they were right and a sense of validation will be achieved.

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