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Why I Chose “Sexy Fit Vegan”

written by Ella Magers August 20, 2019
Why I Chose “Sexy Fit Vegan

I created my brand, Sexy Fit Vegan®, in 2013, when the truth about animal agriculture (both the ethical and health aspects) started being covered in the mainstream media. The information I had been sharing with people for years, was finally being exposed in ways that could not be ignored. But I’ve been getting some push-back on the name of my brand recently. With comments on my Facebook posts like, “Why sexy?” and “You’re a fraud, just trying to use sex to make money!” So, I’d like to take a moment to address this criticism. 

Some Background

Many of you are already aware that I knew from the age of seven that my purpose in life is to save animals by spreading awareness about the cruelty that takes place behind the closed doors of factory farms. As a child, I thought: “If only people knew, they would surely quit eating animals!” I soon realized that it was, unfortunately, a bit more complicated than that.

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