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Why I Drink Fresh Peppermint Tea Every Morning

written by Sherry Khachatryan August 24, 2018
Fresh Peppermint Tea

By drinking peppermint tea every morning, I noticed positive changes right away. Here is my story:

As a change from the traditional beach vacation, last summer I went to Los Angeles for my second cousin’s wedding. I stayed with my aunt whom I love and adore. I was excited at the thought of spending much needed time with her, and she made it unforgettable for me. We started each day with fresh peppermint tea, which she brewed from peppermint that she harvested from her own garden. I noticed changes in my body right away. Despite knowing the benefits of peppermint tea, it wasn’t part of my diet at that time. However, after experiencing the positive changes, I was convinced that peppermint tea was going to be my morning tea; I was going to adopt my aunt’s tradition.

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