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Word Ponder: Gratitude

written by Sharita Star October 29, 2018

Sometimes, one just has to be in complete appreciation how the Universe truly does hold the wisdom in separate pieces for us all to put together. After all, if we didn’t have puzzles to figure out in life, how in the world would we ever learn anything? Rudolf Steiner mentions after we spend time in a form of meditation, just how beneficial it is for us to leave that practice with the sense and awareness of what gratitude means within our lives for our spiritual paths to become more fulfilled.

Gratitude is the vessel that we lift to the Gods that they may fill it with their wonder-gifts. If in all earnestness we foster the feeling of thankfulness, then gratitude, living devotion must be there to the invisible spiritual givers of life; and it is the most beautiful way to be led from one’s personality to the supersensible if this guidance goes through gratitude. Gratitude ultimately brings us to veneration and love of life-bestowing spirit of man. It gives birth to love, and love makes the heart open for the spirit-powers pervading life. If, after every meditation, we arouse in ourselves the feeling of gratefulness and reverence – a feeling that we can call a mood of prayer – and be aware in what grace we are taking part, we shall realize that we are on the right path for spiritual worlds to approach us.

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