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10 Ways to Encourage Your Significant Other to Try New Things

written by Sarah Williams June 18, 2019
10 Ways to Encourage Your Significant Other to Try New Things

A dull, boring relationship is not going to last very long. Have you ever found yourself bored with your partner? If you’re anything like me, you probably have, and you probably dropped that relationship in a hurry. In order to keep your relationship satisfying and healthy, it is pertinent to keep things exciting. There is no need to go all out like 50 Shades of Grey. Nevertheless, adding a little excitement to your relationship is always a good idea. Something new here and something kinky there never hurts.

This can be tough if you’re stuck in a relationship with a prude. So how can you get that prude to open up and experiment a little more? I’ll provide you with some tips below.

1. Be Spontaneous

I am the type of individual that loves planning things out. Unfortunately, knowing what is going to happen ahead of time can definitely dull things down. So when I want to spice things up with my partner, I try to be spontaneous. It is always fun and exciting to be caught off guard. This is a great way to encourage your partner to try new things. Don’t give them a chance to say no. Force them into the car and take them to your favorite hiking spot. Or toss them on the bed and have your way with them.

They might feel awkward at first, but being spontaneous will ultimately make things much more exciting.

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