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11 Things Not Having Sex Does to Your Body

written by Sarah Williams December 19, 2018
11 Things Not Having Sex Does to Your Body

One of the toughest challenges to face after uncoupling is learning to sleep alone. While it’s wonderful to stretch out and snag all the blankets, the lack of intimacy can affect you in some surprising ways.

What happens to your body when you are no longer having sex on a regular basis?

Having —or not having—sex affects you in at least 10 ways.

1. Your immune system may suffer.

It hardly seems fair but having less or no sex can negatively affect your immune system, leaving you more vulnerable to viruses. According to a study titled Fertility and Sterility, published in the medical journal, Physiology and Behavior, “sexually active women have higher levels of certain antibodies at different times of their cycle,” probably in preparation for the possibility of pregnancy. To combat the blow to your immune system, get plenty of rest, take your vitamins and eat healthily.

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