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2019 Better Nutrition Trends Forecast

written by Ashley Koff RD April 22, 2019
2019 Better Nutrition Trends Forecast

What do the nutrition trends say 2019 will mean for your health?

Before you slather on CBD oil while partaking in intermittent fasting and give up all carbs in favor of cauliflower…exhale. Trends don’t make your body run better. Fortunately, better nutrition does! Now is a good time to assess your goals and habits, and what goes in and on your body more often, to see if any of these trends are beneficial to you.

Here’s our Better Nutrition 2019 Trend Forecast

From non-GMO to glyphosate-residue free:

What is done to seeds may or may not be ok for some or all bodies, but what we do know is that glyphosate, one weed-control ingredient used in large-scale farming as well as home lawns, does not help any body. Worse, glyphosate likely contributes negatively to human, animal, and planetary health. There’s already too much glyphosate in our fields and residues in our foods, textiles, soil, etc. This year, 2019, will be the year that glyphosate residue-free efforts become more mainstream, a trend we think is better for everybody.

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