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3 Fun Ways to Stay Curious During Times of Uncertainty

written by Dominique Mas April 1, 2020
3 Fun Ways to Stay Curious During Times of Uncertainty

RD&T’s contributing writer, Dominique Mas, shares ways to stay curious during this time of uncertainty.

By now, most of us have heard of IQ and EQ… but what about CQ: Curiosity Quotient? Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic refers to this as “having a hungry mind.” Since my number one strength on the Strengths-Based Leadership test is “Learner,” you can imagine that I love that image! Every time I think about CQ, I visualize a cartoon of a brain happily chomping on information*!

Dr. Chamarro-Prezumic highlights two main advantages to bringing curiosity to everything you do:

  1. Individuals with higher CQ are generally more tolerant of ambiguity.
  2. It leads to higher levels of intellectual investment and knowledge acquisition over time.

You can see why this is at the top of my mind and why I wanted to have a bit of fun with it! I’m coming to this with both my “coach for high performers,” and my “educator” hats on! By imagining new scenarios, you’re making your brain work! As you think about the future, since you have no idea what will happen, you cannot rely on previous connections in your brain, and so, you become a lot more creative and, therefore, a better problem solver.

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