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High Achiever? Take a Breather! Become a High Performer!

Secrets to Slowing Down

written by Dominique Mas February 20, 2019
High Achiever? Take a Breather! Become a High Performer!

Ahhhh… to be in the forest, feeling grounded, the smell of the trees and the earth… Can you picture yourself there, or does it feel like a distant dream? I don’t think anything can quite replace this feeling, and yet, there are so many ways we can slow down and allow ourselves a little time out.

If you are anything like me, you tend to rush into tasks head first and ready to conquer the world. You know you can get it done yesterday, but you also know that at some point, you’re going to burn out. It doesn’t have to be that way!

The brief interviews that follow reveal the secret slowing-down processes of eight high performers. In each interview, I found a piece of myself, and I’m sure that if you’re reading this, you can relate and will find a little piece of yourself, too. These conversations offer a great reminder that we are not alone and that we all need to build self-awareness in order to slow down and avoid making rushed decisions or burning out.

Secrets to Slowing Down

Slow Down with Alexis Mera Damen, Founder, Alexis Mera

What makes you a high performer?

I’m not sure if I always succeed at being a high performer, but I’m definitely a high achiever. To the extent that I usually put too much on my plate and then have to start pushing things off again. It’s a constant battle that I have with myself. I’ve learned to start telling myself that things can wait until tomorrow or next week and they don’t all have to happen at once.

What does it mean to you to slow down?

Slowing down means I don’t make impulsive decisions, I’m more strategic about my actions, and accept that it’s OK if everything doesn’t happen overnight.

What makes it hard for you to slow down?

Passion, impulse, anxiety.

What do YOU do to (re)gain perspective and reflect and how does it help?

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