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The Case for Slowing Down

written by Dominique Mas January 30, 2019
The Case for Slowing Down

As the year starts to unfold, it’s so easy to want to run and do everything! And that’s probably why, last week…I got sick. Ha! The best thing about it? I had to stop working for two days, and in the end, I enjoyed the downtime so much that I took four days off.

This was a fantastic reminder that unless I continue to take some time for myself, I am going to crash – and crashing is not what I have in mind for 2019! 

The main thing I gained from this experience (in addition to being able to breathe again) was perspective: it helped me remember what’s important and what could wait. It helped me realize that I was feeling overwhelmed because I was losing sight of what would help me truly move forward.

I was not prioritizing and went into brain overload. 

As high performers, we rarely take the time to slow down and reflect, and so, for the next month and a half, I have decided to find a bunch of ways to do exactly that: slow down and reflect. I deeply believe that self-awareness is the key not only to building sustained performance but simply, to being a better human.

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