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4 Ways to Calm Career Anxiety

written by Laura Dabney, M.D. February 24, 2020
4 Ways to Calm Career Anxiety

Most Millennials struggle to feel successful, even with six-figure paychecks. What gives? Here’s a quick look at how and why the perception of success has changed and four easy things you can do to overcome and calm career anxiety.

Regardless of their laundry list of accomplishments, many Millennials are struggling to feel successful. We can point to many potential culprits: social media and comparison to others, the glorification of celebrity, the inflated sense of fulfillment career is “supposed” to bring, hidden childhood and societal pressures, etc.

Do you count yourself among this group? You’re not alone. And, regardless of why, there are ways to do things differently and break the chain of dissatisfaction.

Here are four tips to rethink success, achieve your goals, and reduce career anxiety.

1. Stop focusing on the end goal.

Instead, focus on the work right in front of you. This trick applies to the workplace, school, parenting … pretty much any area of life where you exert effort. We often spend all our energy focusing or worrying about the end goal — receiving a promotion, getting an A, avoiding divorce — we leave little energy for the tasks that get us the results we want.

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