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5 Reasons for Emotional Explosions

written by Robert Taibbi April 17, 2020
5 Reasons for Emotional Explosions

Undoubtedly, you’ve met people who periodically spiral out of control and have emotional explosions, just like Jake.

Most people would say that Jake is a laid-back guy, even his partner, Carol. And he is… usually. But every once in a while, he just blows up. Sometimes it’s about something small – Carol leaving her clothes on the bedroom floor, or something about her tone of voice — but Jake goes ballistic. Or he suddenly seems to go on a rant, spewing a list of gripes that he has seemingly been sitting on for a while. His angry mood may last hours or days, but he eventually settles down, usually mumbles some apology, and Jake goes back to being…old Jake.

5 Reasons for Emotional Explosions

Here are the most common causes of these emotional explosions.


Jake’s default really is to be laid-back, but under enough stress — deadlines at work, health or family worries — his coping abilities wear thin, and it takes less to push him emotionally over the edge.

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