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6 Tips to Avoid Those Tricky Valentine’s Day Traps

written by Darlene Lancer February 13, 2020
6 Tips to Avoid Those Tricky Valentine's Day Traps

Valentine’s Day is fraught with landmines and expectations, often unrealized, and whether you’re in or out of a relationship, the grass isn’t always greener. Is your situation described here? Don’t fall into a Valentine’s Day trap. Read six tips to avoid them and have a great holiday.

You’re Alone

I can recall Valentine’s Days I wished I was in love with someone who loved me. Worse, there were Valentine’s Days when I missed an ex or spent time thinking about someone who wasn’t in love with me. Looking back, what was sad was that I made myself unhappy and ruined one, if not more days, thinking about “if only.”

You’re in a New Relationship

Another Valentine’s trap happens when you’re newly in love. It may be the first Valentine’s Day of your relationship, and you wonder whether your partner will surprise you with something special. Will he or she ignore the day or hopefully say the unmentionable, four-letter L-word?

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