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8 Reasons Women Cheat in Relationships

written by Sarah Williams March 9, 2020
8 Reasons Women Cheat in Relationships
RD&T writer, Sarah Williams, discusses eight common reasons women cheat in relationships.

Being loyal to your partner may seem like the clearest and most significant commitment you can create when you commit to being together. Maybe that’s why infidelity is such a major contributor to breaking up, right behind physical or mental abuse. When people are unfaithful to their partners, they may find it hard to admit that they have created havoc not just for themselves, but for their partner.

Building a healthy, loving relationship is a beautiful goal. Most people don’t have the aim to hurt anyone, but sometimes it just happens. We are all animals, attracted to other beings. Of course, it’s always the matter of our will if we follow the instincts or not. Even when you discover that your girlfriend has cheated on you, it’s not the end of the world.

No matter what happens, one thing is sure: forgiveness and communication are crucial when you talk about deep, mature love. When some people mostly focus on how to catch a cheater, it’s definitely better to work on the connection with your partner beforehand to avoid a few common reasons why women cheat in a relationship.

Women Who Cheat

According to a study conducted by Michele Jeanfreau, a scientist of the University of Southern Mississippi, although marriage infidelity is “commonly recorded and witnessed,” it “continues [to be] incomprehensible.” Scientists notice that what is especially puzzling is the reality that individuals will choose to be unfaithful, rather than trying a distinct path to seek treatment or find methods to transmit their unmet requirements to their peers. The aim of the tiny, women’s-centered interview research by the team was to dig deep into the rationale wives used to explain their infidelity.

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