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9 Profile Rules to Meet a Quality Man

written by Lisa Copeland October 18, 2019
9 Profile Rules to Meet a Quality Man

Internet dating can be challenging, but you can find love online when you know how to navigate the dating sites and you have a great profile. That’s why today I want to share with you 9 of my Best Profile Rules, guaranteed to help you attract the type of man you’ve been wanting to meet.

Best Profile Rules

1.) Choose a profile picture that you’re smiling in.

Men are visual and what gets their attention first is your face.

Over the years, I’ve looked at a lot of profile pictures, and I’m always amazed when women post pictures that could be mug shots. I kid you not. All they need is a clipboard with numbers across their chest. That’s how unhappy they look.

The thing is, men are naturally drawn to pictures of you smiling. So make sure you post pics with some makeup, clothes that show off the best you, and a great smile. You’ll come across as fun and positive and as the kind of woman a good man wants to meet.

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