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9 Tips for Self-Care to Heal the Soul

written by Laura Saltman January 7, 2020
9 Tips for Self-Care to Heal the Soul

Nowadays, when people hear the word self-care, they think massages and pampering, wine on a Wednesday or a walk in the park. Those are all well and good but don’t address the underlying notions of why you should spend time alone. The goal of self-care isn’t to have some “you time,” it’s to help heal the parts of you that feel broken or worn down.

As humans, we all get caught up in what I call our “doingness.” We are constantly in a state of motion and having to fill every gap of time and space. I used to be that person, too. The one who had to watch tv, scroll on social media, hit the movies, or take a power walk somewhere listening to music. I would waste hours online and make countless attempts to fill a void, a longing, or a need for attention.

Taking Care of Yourself

The truth is, we are all attention seekers, but what most don’t realize is the person we need to pay the most attention to us is ourselves. But we can’t do this when we are so stuck in a tunnel of expectation and assumption. “I’m not good enough,” you say. “I need this to make me happy,” you think.

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