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A Green Light to Health with Mother Nature’s Food

written by Marlene Watson-Tara February 27, 2019
A Green Light to Health with Mother Nature’s Food

My Food Doesn’t Grow in Dirt, it Comes From a Factory!

This is the reply Bill received from a group of kids when he asked them the question, do you know where your food comes from?  Pretty scary answer, right?  The soil is a living thing, a specific ecosystem comprised of billions of living creatures.

In general, most plants, as we all know, grow by absorbing nutrients from the soil. Their ability to do this depends on the nature of the soil. Organic farmers know the difference between soil and ‘dirt,’ but not to put too fine a point on it, the kids didn’t even believe that the food they eat is grown in ‘dirt.’

That was what inspired me to create my ‘Tasty Tips for Kidsworkshops in many countries. The first thing I do to is have my young students plant some seeds in some ‘dirt’ and then see the beautiful foods that grow from nature.  I then have them washing, slicing and cooking greens, dressing the greens with some sweet dressing and sprinkling them with some sesame or pumpkin seeds and, hey, presto! They’re happy.

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