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Be More Assertive at Work

Part 2: 25 Tricks to Defend Your Corner

written by Kris Verlé August 5, 2019
Be More Assertive at Work

Conflicts are bound to happen wherever you go. When they happen at work, you have a few options. You can be aggressive, passive, or passive-aggressive. However, none of these is the best answer. Show your assertiveness and gain respect while dealing with conflicts. Create a win-win or withdraw situation to be fair; it’s all possible just by being assertive.

25 Ways to be More Assertive

What follows next are a series of easy-to-implement phrases and behaviors. If conflict is imminent for you, I challenge you to try at least three of these techniques before the day is over.

  1. Before you communicate what your needs are in a particular situation, check in with yourself first as to what those needs are. Then convey them in a direct and respectful way.

  2. If someone surprises you with a request, tell them you need a time out before answering. Simply respond: ‘Thank you. I need to have a think about this first before I give you a response.’

  3. Be direct and use so-called ‘I’ statements, such as ‘I want…’ or ‘what I need is…’ Fully own what it is you’re saying, and don’t use roundabout ways to express it.

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