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Benefits of a Career Growth Strategy

Part Two: Planning for Career Growth Now

written by Patrick Ow September 4, 2020
Benefits of a Career Growth Strategy

Patrick Ow shares the many benefits of developing and implementing a career growth strategy now.

Benefits of a Strong Career Growth Strategy

Benefit 1

The strategy sets a general direction of where you want to go in life.

The strategy is your roadmap. It articulates your career goals and intentionally builds a successful but fulfilling life.

The roadmap helps you to become financially secure and to do the things that you want to do in life. It is your foundation upon which you can fulfill your vision and purpose in life.

You can become more secure in yourself. Your identity is made known through the strategy.

If you do not know your identity and purpose in life, then it is time to find that out. There are tools and coaches to help you. Reach out to me and let us have a chat.

Time is a precious commodity that you cannot afford to lose or squander. It is something that can never be replaced. Once spent, it can never be recovered. So, don’t squander your time. Focus its use on productive or meaningful things.

Benefit 2

The strategy helps you tell a compelling human story about yourself and what you have done.

We spend roughly one-third of our lives working, another one-third sleeping, and the rest doing other things.

Hence, it is common for people to ask: “What do you do?

This is a modern-day question. It’s our preoccupation with work, and naturally so. Humans have a habit of tying our identity to our careers rather than to a broader  –  and often more interesting  –  sense of self. But it is a starting point.

The reality is that our work is how we socially set ourselves. Therefore, we need to intentionally curate our life story. Our career growth strategy gives us that practical outline for us to intentionally write out our life story.

Benefit 3

The strategy helps you to intentionally acquire the right skills, experiences, and qualifications for professional growth.

Just like a builder building a house brick-by-brick according to a house plan, you must intentionally acquire the right skills, experiences, and qualifications to build your career, job-by-job.

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