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Build Interest in Your Hobby Business

Part Two: Make Money From Your Hobby

written by Patrick Ow November 14, 2019
Build Interest in Your Hobby Business

Build Interest

Go to where the fish hang out. Who is interested in your hobby?

First off, you need to identify who might be interested in your hobby. You do this by going to where the fish hang out. It’s just like a fisherman wanting to catch fish.

It means identifying your ideal customers (who are they? – gender, age, background, etc.) and going to where they hang out. Ask them whether they are interested in your hobby.

If they are interested, ask them what they want to see or buy from you.

There are lots of target customers if you look properly.

There are two options for you to venture into:

  1. Your services are more suited to the local community where you live. For example, you love gardening. You are thinking about offering weekend gardening services to your local community.
  2.  Your services have worldwide appeal because of the Internet. The world is your market because of digitization – there’s no need for manufacturing a product. With the help of the Internet, you can acquire paid customers from anywhere in the world by selling digital products and services related to gardening.

Depending on the nature of your products and services, you can have different customer types who can be in different geographical locations.

Start by telling people about your hobby and testing their interest.

The quickest way to find out whether your ideal customers are interested in buying your services or products is to run small advertisements in local or trade newspapers or on free online notice boards.

This will quickly give you the feedback you want.

Always find creative ways to tell people about your hobby and test their interest in it.

Run paid advertisements.
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