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Dating Like You’re Rich, for Free!

Great Relationships Begin Within

written by Maryanne Comaroto, PhD February 19, 2020
Dating Like You're Rich, for Free!

To an outsider looking in, it must appear that our dating culture is based around monetary worth. And that’s not too far from the truth – we use money as a tool not only for dating but also for hanging onto a relationship that might otherwise fall apart. After all, the initial daily expenses of food, movie tickets, gas, parking, condoms, hotel rooms, drinks, cover charges at clubs, the price of being with someone only gets more expensive. The gifts can get more and more extravagant, and eventually more and more personal, as well.

What starts out as buying your lover an iPhone or a mp3 player, can lead to you helping out with debts, lending money on a regular basis, or whatever else he or she starts expecting from you. When you begin a relationship on the basis of your bank account, it can be impossible to shift your worth in the relationship away from just your willingness to spend money on the other person.

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