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Do Breakups Trigger Hidden Mental Illness?

written by Nancy Nichols September 25, 2018
Do Breakups Trigger Hidden Mental Illness?

Some breakups can be traumatic and they can inflict damage on self-esteem.

It’s time to get on with your life.

The idea that romantic love and a happy, healthy relationship can change someone’s life is more than just a cheesy Hollywood trope. Although you shouldn’t expect slow, dreamy music to play in the background while the two of you kiss for the first time, the experience is still as close to magic as one can get in real life.

Having a partner who you care for deeply, and who reciprocates the feeling, can provide you with a completely new worldview. Unfortunately, unless you have truly found the one to spend the rest of your days with, things eventually end. Even so, everyone gets over it in time, for the most part. But what happens when you can’t?

When Things Come To An End

Breakups are a natural part of the cycle of life. If a relationship is no longer a source of happiness and satisfaction for one or both partners, then calling the whole thing off should be done without regrets. And while it might take longer for some to heal than others, everyone eventually moves on.

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