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Do You Juggle Every Yes?

written by Bobby Umar October 10, 2018
Do You Juggle Every Yes?

I’ve always been a yes man. But not in the way that you may be thinking. As a leader, I like to say yes. I like to say we can do it. I love thinking that I can be part of every possibility that excites me.

But at a certain point, it feels like juggling. We’re trying to multi-task, shift priorities or figure out what we can do today and what we can’t. Pretty soon, we are saying no to some things just for the day… wait, I mean just for the week. If this keeps up, it can turn into a month or even a year.

I actually have some projects in my inbox that I said I would do, and now it’s been months. Let’s put aside the motivation aspect and look at why I can’t seem to close a few of those items. More importantly, why do I keep saying yes to new things when other things still need my attention?

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