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Driving Sales to Your Hobby Business

Part Three: Make Money from Your Hobbies

written by Patrick Ow December 3, 2019
Driving Sales to Your Hobby Business

Think Outside the Box

Now that you know that there is potential demand from your target customer group who are willing and able to pay you, it is time to think about monetizing what you know.

Design a sales funnel to up-sell your offerings.

The aim here is to provide a low priced service or product to entice your target customers to buy from you. By doing so, they get to know you and what you can do for them.

A $20 eBook on the subject could be your first enticement.

When someone purchases from you, you will have their email or contact details.

They will sample your offering.

If they liked it, then they are going to want more of what you can offer them. You can regularly promote your other services and products to your customers.

In marketing terms, this is called up-selling. For example, McDonald’s staff will ask whether you want fries with your burger.

There is where a well-structured sales funnel comes in.

You offer a more expensive online course at $99 and then a $200 group coaching product and maybe one-to-one personal coaching at $1,000.

Roadmap to your future earnings.

Always plan your sales funnel early so that you have a solid roadmap to success.

By understanding what you are going to build in the future, you are able to forecast your future earnings.

This product roadmap to success will be the key to sustaining a long-term hobby business.

Create a sales funnel that maximizes your profit.

You must be thinking outside the box when you are thinking about what you are going to sell.

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