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Empowering Others with the Tools for Success

written by L Wayne Smalls July 17, 2019
Empowering Others with the Tools for Success

Great leaders understand that they cannot accomplish anything great all on their own. There are no great leaders who have ever achieved any significant success without having a remarkable team around them. Successful leaders don’t want followers who have to rely on them for everything. In fact, the best leaders find it extremely important to ensure that each of his or her followers are inspired and empowered with the ability to achieve the level of success that elevates the entire team while achieving the leader’s vision. This is made possible when leaders are willing to equip followers with the needed tools to make the whole team successful. It will also help the followers to become great leaders themselves.

For some reason, many leaders fail to empower their followers for several reasons. Here are five reasons why leaders fail at this:

1) Inconvenience

Many leaders feel like it just takes too much time and effort to bring their followers up to their level; as if the people who are following them are incapable of learning the necessary skills. In most cases, this is simply not true. Leaders must see this as an opportunity to invest in the lives of the people around them. In other words, the leader should intentionally seek out opportunities to add value to their followers which will, in turn, make them more valuable to the whole team.

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