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Energy Leaks

How to Stop Your Life From Being Drained Right Now

written by Jessica Baum September 24, 2020
Energy Leaks

There is so much noise in the world today — it is almost impossible to get away from it. Turn on the TV and there’s more information on hot topics that I am sure everyone is fired up about one way or another. Scroll down Facebook feeds to see random people getting into long heated and hateful political debates. Or maybe you’re experiencing some draining from your romantic life or family at this time. Whatever the cause, we are all being pulled out of our center with the constant noise of what is going on in a chaotic world. In full transparency, I found myself spending time online in some heated debates myself. It is a fine balance between speaking up and what is just plain toxic and draining (i.e., energy leaks).

When I think of energy I think in terms of what brings me life force, energy, and joy versus what leaves me depleted and angry. I am going to go over several things that are common energy leaks. As I go through each topic, take some time and sit with yourself. Scan your body and ask yourself if this is an area that is taking energy from you. Bring awareness around what is draining you is the first step in making healthy changes.

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