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Feel Like a Zombie? How Diet Affects Sleep

written by Sarah Williams November 4, 2019
Feel Like a Zombie? How Diet Affects Sleep

If you’re zombie-ing through your day because you didn’t sleep the night before, or the night before that, or the night before that, you can join the ranks of the nearly 60 million others who experience sleep deprivation.

We’ve all learned to accommodate for our missed hours of rest through regular coffee infusions, extra vitamins and supplements, and other learned habits. But what if you could just stop the problem completely? Is there a magic pill for that besides the ones you get through prescriptions?

Instead of looking to mask the issue, it’s important to analyze why you aren’t sleeping. There are many possibilities, including stress or a bad mattress, but one of the most commonly overlooked reasons for chronic insomnia and sleep deprivation actually stems from your diet.

A little analysis of your daily food habits, a little tweaking here and there, and you could be sleeping like a baby within a few days! So how is your diet affecting your sleep? Check out these 6 potential deterrents to your restful slumber.

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