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Lack of Energy – It Might Be Your Hormones

written by Dr. Maya Sarkisyan October 29, 2019
Lack of Energy - It Might Be Your Hormones

We age – it’s a normal part of life. However don’t confuse aging with getting sick, feeling bad, and having less energy. It can happen, but I am looking at it not as “signs of aging” but rather “signs of imbalance/disease.” And addressing these symptoms according to age, life situation, hormone history, menopause/andropause, nutrition, medical history, etc.

Your Hormones

So what is the minimum information you need to know about your hormones as you are entering menopause/andropause?
That stage of life usually happens after fifty, and now more than ever, people have started celebrating this stage of life.

Think about it, women don’t think and don’t worry about getting pregnant anymore. If you have children, they are most likely out of the house, your views on life and relationships are changing, and you even might have more financial stability and wisdom than in your twenties.

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